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Being alive is special.  Being alive you can enjoy being creative.  In the day you can day-dream.  In the night you can night-dream.


Only when you are dead you no long dream, the mind having fragmented.  In a darkness where there is no feeling, no pain, no joy, no insight.  In the Darkness of Death there is no darkness of Black either, for you have no vision to see and register that Darkness.  Though, for some, they believe that Death is where you eternally dream.  That in death you are a dream.


Only whilst you are alive, though, have you the opportunity and power to transform your dreams into a Reality for others to enjoy or appreciate.  As to see and read this text you must be Alive, what then are you doing with your Dreams in this moment of Reality?


Dreams also need a life to be, and they also extend their life when you communicate them with words or works and place them in the fertile compost of other minds.  To share your ideas you must communicate your ideas.  So make creative works, make new things, make writings, make art, make conversation and make Love and Loving.


Reality is, after all, the garden that is there for you to plant, to grow and to share Your Dreams.  As you can only dream while in reality, perhaps reality exists for dreaming and by dreaming Reality is created.


Perhaps we are all a part of some God’s dream and while we are Alive is when we are given a dream-ability, and when we are dead we are given the ability to re-immerse ourselves back into being God’s Dream.  Whatever way it goes, Given the Gift of Dreaming, we should not waste it.


For those who do not believe in God, it is still undeniable that you are alive and somehow are given gifts, gifts that inanimate things just do not have.  Non-living objects cannot move of themselves as they have no internal reactive program to follow, they cannot explore, dream, or change the local environment to their own will, but you can.


You can even, just by smiling, change the life force of those around you, change their perception of their life and their dream of their future.  God or no God, we are living creatures in a vastness of Nature.  If there is or is not a God, still, we are capable of being god-like.  Dreaming and actively weaving those dreams into Reality.

Stephen Cheney

By Stephen Cheney

Relaxed Alertness and its effect on Fear and Surprise Attacks:

In an unfair fight there is usually a Predator and a Victim.
The Victim is the one whose mind gives way first and who usually does not have full control over what they do.  The Aggressor, the Predator, is confident; plays mind games to dominate, does not hesitate and is dangerous.  When you are in a dangerous situation, a fight situation with a Bully swearing, postulating and intending to attack:  You make a choice and if you choose to become a Predator, that then makes the Aggressor the Victim and not you.  To do that you need to know and practice enough Self Defense techniques to be dangerous.  It is the Mind that drives those techniques, so you need to learn how to remain in control of your mind.

You be the leopard in the tree alert and waiting, uncaring as to what happens as you already know what you can do in a fight.  You can also choose to leave, but you can do that only if the Aggressor lets you.  If you cannot leave and cannot talk the Aggressor out of attacking you, then you must fight to preserve your life.  Leaving is not an option if you have no exit such as in a confined space or if the Aggressor blocks your way out; or if you must remain to protect children.  Negotiating is not an option if you are set upon by surprise.

A Surprise! occurs when everything looks and feels normal to you, and then there is a Sudden Change that seriously involves you.

Such as you are in a normal crowd of close people and then Suddenly someone from behind grabs you.  Or you are driving down a straight highway with sight to the horizon and no traffic anywhere and your eyes check your mirror and Suddenly in that moment, a high speed vehicle flies off some unseen side track and straight across your path.

When your environment is Not normal you expect more such non-normality, you expect change and your senses, mind and body get ready for it.  You are already reacting to change.  But it is in the moment when all looks well that all Hell can break loose, catching you off-guard.  Without anything to focus on, alertness usually drifts into being bored and inactive and your senses no longer circularly sweep the surrounding environment.  An environment in which you are the center-piece or the central-obstacle for all incoming forces to collide with.

All collisions, all danger, all damage happens in the Present moment.  The mind is a time-traveler.  It has the ability to dwell in the Past or Future.  These time zones are environments which are often far more interesting than the present boring moment where nothing is perceived to be happening.  You are a construct of matter which is atoms, and atoms are actually constructs of energy, as Einstein and science have proved. That energy does not solely exist in the present moment of existence.  That energy is smeared through Past, Present and into the Future moment, as has been proven by science examining the nature of electrons through Quantum Physics.  As your body and brain matter particles can transcend time at least a little bit, it is not surprising that your mind which so depends on them, can do the same.

Your Awareness, or the magnifying glass of your concentration or Will, can only converge on a moment of time, whether it be in the Past, the Present or the Future.  It travels between them and sits in them but cannot reside in all at once.  Our bodies always have an existence or anchor in the Present moment.  Our mental focus can however drift elsewhere.  You will often find your mind focusing in its Past, in its memories.  A mind often sits in its vast library of experiences and data, reading volumes in your memory library, watching Past videos, some of them may be horror movies, unresolved conflicts and traumas.  The outside Universe the mind internally reconstructs and edits.

Alternatively, the mind will be found focusing on the Future, on dreams of vagueness as clouds not fully shaped, on imaginations about possibilities; a Universe that the mind itself creates, where in dreaming in the night or day-dreaming in the day, it often includes itself as the principle actor and victim.  The Future is a blank movie set, and the mind is a landscaper, script writer, emoter in music, director, actor and camera.  The mind time travels when not actively engaged, as that is its purpose: a life force that explores all universes, Past, Present and Future.  A god passing on the Bifrost Bridge between all conceivable worlds.  A beam of light travelling through space.  All life explores, at the least, what its immediate environment or its intimate self.

So, for a warrior, a survivalist, the time to sweep for possible danger, of possible change, is in the Present moment when all seems normal.  So every now and then, look up from whatever you are doing or from what occupies you, and softly sweep your surrounds with your senses and your mind.  From the submarine of your consciousness, you up-periscope at check out what is happening; especially whatever is incoming, as that can change your state from an unalert victim into a hard-to-surprise warrior.  In order to do that, it is useful, as in Tai Chi, as in ballet, to swivel your head to a vertical upright position where it can see best, turn best.  Where the head can be the steering wheel of the body allowing instant movement in any direction.  Senses, mind and body all to relax as one blending in a relaxed awareness of the present moment.  Like a leopard resting up a tree but surveying all, is what the ancient warriors sought, in order to cope with sudden danger and thus enjoy to life a little longer.

When you expect trouble even when there is no trouble, and do that in a relaxed and not a tense manner: then it is difficult to surprise you.  When you can imagine possible dangerous scenarios through the day but do so without tensing mind or body, then you are less likely to evolve fear from a nebulous nothing into a choking rigidity; you are then less likely to go into a frozen state of Fear when danger sets upon you.  Fear is a normal reaction.  Pre-empt its potency by changing your mind-set with a vigilant relaxation of your being.  You cannot change outside happenings, but you are the master of your internal world.  So to be more in charge of your reactions: you just give yourself prior commands.  As it is upon whatever is the present state of your mind, that outside fearful and other impressions must impose themselves.  The Demons real or imagined pounce, but what is the nature of the being that they pounce upon?  Not everything that Dangers attack is an unsuspecting victim.  Command yourself and rule.


In life, art and nature continually feed and nourish us, through these roots; we receive the necessary inspirations and reassurance, which we find lacking, in an increasingly arid western society.

Through nature, we find our roots, connecting us to our inner creative child, from this; we discover the illimitable expansiveness of the cosmos itself. The importance of creative play, in a natural setting, for children and adults alike, enables each to interact, in an atmosphere of mutual joy.

Through learning new skills together; painting, making objects and music, telling stories, having fun, we develop an awareness of ourselves, each other and for our environment. This plays a crucial role in keeping the creative spark fanned within us.

In bringing out latent talents, we stretch each other, creating the dynamics for a more beautiful world. With close observation of our natural habitat, we see the infinite diversity of structure, which underlies everything; this connects us to our own internal rhythms, cultivating our sense of naturalness and wonder, for the abundance, within everything.

Art should mirror these resonances, to reveal lifes extraordinary variety, through colour and light, in a subtle manner, which touches for all, the essential oneness of life; this is the healing essence, of art, through nature.

Art has the capacity to reveal universal truths, which awaken the individual to curiosity and helps them find a clearer picture of life. As individuals awaken to the truths within themselves, it enables them to connect to their essential role in life.

Educationalists and politicians want to manage society, yet they fail to understand our fundamental needs, which are creative self worth, through real work.

Neither point is being really addressed. As we use our brains and muscles less, as computers and robots marginalize us, we feel neither needed nor wanted, with no jobs, or hopes for the future.

This leads to torpor in the individual, with the malaise transmitted, from adult to child. Seeing life has little meaning, with no respect from society, drives us to the fringes, isolated and alienated. We need, at this time, to learn from indigenous cultures.

In aboriginal society, which preceded western cave man art, by at least ten thousand years, they took only that which was needed, in order to sustain life. They were sustained by elaborate rituals and myths, Working within, the cycles of nature, as well rounded, individuals, they were capable of telling stories, making music, and creating images in a unique, interaction with life and the cosmos, truly, a high culture.

The development, of the unique creative individualism, of our children should be axiomatic to our educational system.For once a child is nurtured, to develop their intuitive/creative faculties, they have a centeredness, a true sense of self esteem and worth, allied to a wholesome self discipline, they open their minds to innocence and the beginnings of an intelligence unhindered by social patterning and conditioning comes forth.

They have the capacity, through the artistic mind, of design, building, repairing, growing, healing, awareness, expansiveness, to roam freely and without prejudice; these skills are needed more than ever

Blessings, Grace and gratitude