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Being alive is special.  Being alive you can enjoy being creative.  In the day you can day-dream.  In the night you can night-dream.


Only when you are dead you no long dream, the mind having fragmented.  In a darkness where there is no feeling, no pain, no joy, no insight.  In the Darkness of Death there is no darkness of Black either, for you have no vision to see and register that Darkness.  Though, for some, they believe that Death is where you eternally dream.  That in death you are a dream.


Only whilst you are alive, though, have you the opportunity and power to transform your dreams into a Reality for others to enjoy or appreciate.  As to see and read this text you must be Alive, what then are you doing with your Dreams in this moment of Reality?


Dreams also need a life to be, and they also extend their life when you communicate them with words or works and place them in the fertile compost of other minds.  To share your ideas you must communicate your ideas.  So make creative works, make new things, make writings, make art, make conversation and make Love and Loving.


Reality is, after all, the garden that is there for you to plant, to grow and to share Your Dreams.  As you can only dream while in reality, perhaps reality exists for dreaming and by dreaming Reality is created.


Perhaps we are all a part of some God’s dream and while we are Alive is when we are given a dream-ability, and when we are dead we are given the ability to re-immerse ourselves back into being God’s Dream.  Whatever way it goes, Given the Gift of Dreaming, we should not waste it.


For those who do not believe in God, it is still undeniable that you are alive and somehow are given gifts, gifts that inanimate things just do not have.  Non-living objects cannot move of themselves as they have no internal reactive program to follow, they cannot explore, dream, or change the local environment to their own will, but you can.


You can even, just by smiling, change the life force of those around you, change their perception of their life and their dream of their future.  God or no God, we are living creatures in a vastness of Nature.  If there is or is not a God, still, we are capable of being god-like.  Dreaming and actively weaving those dreams into Reality.

Stephen Cheney

We are not just here and then one day gone.  Like the particles that make us, as Quantum Physics shows, the particles and energies of our being are spread from the Past, through the Now and on into the Future.  We already exist in all three segments of Time.  Therefore, as we exist in all three, it is physically possible for us to sometimes sense all three.

Our astral travel cord is more than just a time line where we clutch the memory database of our past experiences, and where our sensors are limited to just this moment and to no other.  Too many rush through life in a hurry to get to some destination or aim.  But targets are the end of the line where movement stops, and we have not been born with our atoms set in stone or moss.

We are creatures formed to flow in movement.  Our bodies designed to stretch out into dimensions and feel, and our minds designed to not be still, but to constantly wander and wonder exploring the world and seeking to know where we are and why we are. As we ever exist in movement in time and space, that is where most of our experiences come to us.

At journeys end we rest on our laurels, but ever restless, feeling that we are incomplete, we then look out into the further unknown and yearn to learn more, and in this way we become more.  We are born, but evermore seek to add value to God’s or nature’s creation.  Thus each person determines who they are by their daily choices, we are not of one value as we seek to be many.  Humans are not not just objects, they are a process.

The focus of our scattering, of our journeying everywhere through life, mentally and physically, while we can, is to find for our personal self a blending into the Oneness of All, as we are after all, atomic, as Cosmology proves, we are star dust; and seek to return to our maker.

Caretakers of ourselves and of others.  We can try to tend with love the Universal garden into which we have been born, where we seek to eventually awaken our full perceptions, and we are not alone in this: for we all have the company and care of our companions.